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German Nationals Championships 2016

German Nationals Championships 2016

German National Championships

Aachen, Germany, September 2016


Jerzy Bialobok     Jaroslav Lacina     Bruce McCrea


Elisha Bint Marshan 

Champion Foals

Gold –  Elisha Bint Marshan (Marshan X Essdreama)

Breeder: Sax Arabians Germany            Owner: Sax Arabians Germany


Silver – Ms Mary Lynn (Rfi Farid X Ms Mary Lou)

Breeder: Malorny & Scherle                   Owner: Malorny & Scherle


Bronze – Marnica (Martice X Marni)

Breeder: Sax Arabians Germany            Owner: Sax Arabians Germany 

Ms Mary Lynn Marnica 
Espannja Al Justice


Champion Fillies

Gold – Espannja Al Justice (Al Justice X Espanna Estopa)

Breeder: Sax Arabians Germany            Owner: Sax Arabians Germany


Silver – Bourhani Fadissima (Fadi Al Shaqab X Ab Bellissima)

Breeder: Bourhani Arabians                   Owner: Bourhani Arabians


Bronze – Ms Chantilly (Emerald J X Ghs Rihanna)

Breeder: Malorny & Scherle                   Owner: Malorny & Scherle

Bourhani Fadissima  Ms Chantilly 
EOS Apollo


Champion Colts

Gold – Eos Apollo (Lawrence El Gazal X Annou El Wuotan)

Breeder: Eos Arabians                           Owner: Eos Arabians


Silver – Lanandro (Eks Alihandro X Lamana)

Breeder: Sax Arabans Germany             Owner: Sax Arabians Germany


Bronze – Jcj Feuerexplosion (Feuer Jade X Jcj Maharany)

Breeder: Av- Gestüt Zur Blankenburg     Owner: Av- Gestüt Zur Blankenburg


Lanandro JCJ Feuerexplosion 
Lola Os 


Champion Mares

Gold – Lola Os (Monther Al Nasser X El Lucina Os)

Breeder: Fam. Stockle – Gestüt Osterhof            Owner: Fam. Stockle – Gestüt Osterhof


Silver – Al Justyra (Al Justice X Amyra Bint Khidar)

Breeder: Sax Arabians Germany                        Owner: Sax Arabians Germany


Bronze – Kankan Maf (Elart X Katun)

Breeder: Martensson Arabians                           Owner: Eos – Arabians

Al Justyra   Kankan Maf 
Al Marid 


Champion Stallions

Gold – Al Marid (Al Milan X Bafra B)

Breeder: Sax Arabians Germany                        Owner: Sax Arabians Germany


Silver – Galinka El Sheikh (Ch El Brillo X Galinka Rougelais)

Breeder: F. Rongits/ Selimah Arabians               Owner: Marion Hönig


Bronze – Martice (Al Justice X Miss Marenga)

Breeder: Sax Arabians Germany                        Owner: Sax Arabians Germany


Galinka El Sheikh Martice 


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