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Welcome to New Zealand

Welcome to New Zealand

Welcome to New Zealand 

Words by David Marshall

Often described as the Land of the Long White Cloud, and more recently Middle Earth, New Zealand is home of the flightless bird, the Kiwi, and more recently home to the World Rugby Cup because New Zealand has the current World Champions, the mighty All Blacks.

New Zealanders (Kiwis) are often hard on themselves and even harder on each other, but from this generates outstanding Kiwi ingenuity, a simple, clever approach to life and an original, uncomplicated but highly effective ‘do it yourself’ solution-finding talent.

Our Arabian horses are reflections of their ancestors; they come from a known source, they are revered for their outstanding athletic qualities, their people-loving temperaments and their ability to invest their highly tuned, high degree characteristics into all other modern breeds. In 1971, the New Zealand Arab Horse Breeders Society was formed and became an early member of the World Arabian Horse Organization. Volume One of its Stud Book bought together a historical record of Arabian horses to come to New Zealand, mostly these horses can also be found in the English and/or Australasian Stud Books, and therefore all horses accepted have come from recognised historically-recorded sources.

New Zealand is a corner in this world where outstanding beauty surrounds you, where rugged, natural wonders abound and the country is a playground for those that appreciate their senses of nature and creation. Simple pleasures, often unavailable in many places, are experienced here to the extreme level. With an easy, compact landscape, this makes the country a very available package. New Zealand is an agricultural capital where our Arabian horse enjoy one of the healthiest environments and are appreciated for their natural qualities.

An invitation is extended to the breeders of the world to visit New Zealand and Australia; you will wish you lived here.


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