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TheraPlate Peak Performance Award

TheraPlate Peak Performance Award

TheraPlate Peak Performance Award Presented to Jennette Aubert and MSU Bad Beat Benny

 Raleigh, NC (October 10, 2017)— This year’s Sport Horse National Arabian and Half-Arabian Championship Show featured Arabian and Half Arabian horses from many disciplines in top condition competing for National Championship Titles. One horse in particular stood out to judges and show committee alike- Jennette Aubert’s MSU Bad Beat Benny. The handsome mount also caught the eye of TheraPlate Revolution Therapy Platforms, and was awarded the TheraPlate Peak Performance Award from the company for his outstanding performance at the show. TheraPlate, a company with a longstanding history of rewarding equine wellness in exceptionally well-conditioned horses, presents the award to horses at various competitions throughout the year who not only perform at a high level but also make that performance seem effortless- and MSU Bad Beat Benny was more than deserving of the honor. 

A purebred Arabian gelding, MSU Bad Beat Benny (Benny) was sired by El Nabila B and is out of MSU Sole Heiress. Aubert has owned the now five-year-old chestnut gelding since he was two. She has been involved with horses since she was a child, and began showing Arabians in her early teens. 

At this year’s Sport Horse Nationals, Aubert along with her husband Mike Kemeter and friend KaeDee Nowakowski showed Benny to several Championship and Reserve Championship Titles. The gelding was Champion in the Green Working Hunter and Junior Horse Hunter Hack as well as the Junior Horse Sport Horse Under Saddle and the Arabian Gelding in Hand Hunter Type. He was also Reserve Champion in the Sport Horse Under Saddle Amateur Owner to Ride. To top off the success-packed show, Benny was also named the AHA/AA Sport Horse In-Hand Supreme Champion, and it was his second time to earn this title. 

“I have to give a great deal of credit to my trainer Samantha St. Jacques, who has played a huge role in getting us here and helping create this success for Benny and me,” remarked Aubert. 

As a company that is focused on supporting and maintaining overall wellness of the horse, TheraPlate was impressed with Benny’s seemingly effortless performances as well as his ability to shine under several different riders and handlers. “I think it was his diversity that stood out to them,” said Aubert. “He showed in hand, in the Working Hunter, and under saddle.” 

TheraPlate was honored to present MSU Bad Beat Benny with the Peak Performance Award. As part of the award, Aubert is eligible for a three-week trial of a TheraPlate Therapy Platform at her farm for no charge. Aubert is excited for the opportunity to try a TheraPlate, and knows how important proper maintenance is for Benny’s overall wellness. “He gets regular downtime,” she said. “After this horse show he has a month off. We’re not just riding in the ring. We do a lot of trail riding and try to combine our training so we are not just doing one thing all the time.” 

TheraPlate platforms benefit both humans and horses through low-intensity, dynamic movement, which works to stimulate muscle contraction and increase circulation. Simply standing on the TheraPlate helps to reduce inflammation and pain while simultaneously increasing circulation, which speeds the healing process. 

For more information on TheraPlate Revolution Therapy Platforms, the Official Therapy Plate of the US Equestrian, visit www.theraplate.com, call toll-free (800) 920-3685, or call (817) 629-5171. 

 Jennette Aubert and MSU Bad Beat Benny went home with the TheraPlate Peak Performance Award at this year’s Sport Horse National Arabian and Half-Arabian Championship Show (Photo courtesy Don Stine Equine Sports Photography).


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