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Reflections of Syria – WAHO 2007

Reflections of Syria - WAHO 2007

Monday sees the start of the 2017 WAHO Conference in Bahrain, an event eagerly anticipated by many around the world.

Looking back to recent WAHO Conferences, the 2007 Conference in Syria stands out for all that attended for its incredible horses, the dramatic and historic landscape, the welcoming people, and the amazing culture. Sadly, as we all know, much of Syria and its artefacts have been destroyed in recent years.

Ivy Media Productions was there to captured that 2007 WAHO Conference in in all its glory, and we are delighted to share some memories of Syria with you here.From the presentations and parades of Arabian horses, mostly from the Bedouin tribes across Syria, the footage also includes visits to historic sites and other events involving the peoples of Syria.

Please enjoy, please share, and please open your hearts to the many people there who still so desperately need help.



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