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New Zealand North Island Arabian Championships 2017

New Zealand North Island Arabian Championships 2017

Words and photography by Glenys Lille

Lead Photograph: SS Tifla owned by Gerzanne Arabians, Champion Purebred Mare

The Auckland Arabian Horse Club ran another very successful New Zealand North Island Arabian Championships last December in heatwave conditions.

Truly Ajaman (AU) owned by Kiva Arabians, Champion Purebred Colt

A number of new and exciting purebred Arabian stallions were on display with the very beautiful Truly Ajaman (AU) (Trussardi (US) x Arielle (AU)) taking Champion Colt and Challimir (AU) (LC Prince Magnum (exp IT) x El Challina SPA (AU)) taking Champion Stallion with Sir Riley MTC (US) (Magnum Psyche (US) x Venere (US)) taking Reserve Champion Stallion.

Challimar owned by Jameel Arabians, Champion Purebred Stallion

Sir Riley MTC (US) owned by Kelly Mason and Adele Maraki, Reserve Champion Purebred Stallion.

The judge Debbie Taylor-Thiess commented that her favourite horse of the show was Ghiann (AU) (Ghianni WPI (AU) x Chelleason Bey Jullye-Anne (AU)), owned by the Ghiann Syndicate, who was the Champion Purebred Filly. BFF Minerva (by ZT Marwteyn (US)) owned by Kelly Mason and Adele Maraki’s Kelaray Exzotika (Aria Elation (US) x Simeon Seana (AU)) was Reserve Champion Purebred Filly.

Above: Ghiann owned by the Ghiann Syndicate, Champion Purebred filly. Below: BFF Minerva owned by Adele Maraki, Reserve Champion Purebred Filly.

Champion Mare was won by SS Tiflaa (TF Ferzzan (US) x Simeon Setami (AU)) from the very successful Gerzanne Arabians with Zaha Magic (Willowvale Saafari x Bushland Gai Sharee) Reserve Champion Purebred Mare for Linda Guy.

SS Tifla, Gerzanne Arabians, Champion Purebred Mare.

It was lovely to see the purebred Arabian gelding RNZ Steinmaster (Simeon Saraaf (AU) x Hu Shameea) take the Champion Led Purebred Gelding, Supreme Ridden Purebred and High Point Horse of the show.

RNZ Steinmaster and Adele Maraki, Supreme Champion Ridden Purebred Arabian.

Zaha Magic, Reserve Champion Purebred Mare. SS Hasna and Cody Brunt, Champion Led Reserve Champion Purebred most suitable for Endurance.


Aratahnes Adonis and Lyndsay Stanaway, Champion Led Derivative Stallion. Redwood, Champion Junior Derivative Gelding.

It was also very special to see the youth out competing with their Arabians and enjoying the show.

SS Hasna and Holly Brunt, Champion Costume Horse Zaha Shah Fari and John Guy, Champion Purebred suitable for Endurance

Graemar Showtime owned by Mary Whitehouse, Champion Derivative suitable for endurance & Champion Novice Derivative under saddle. Marhaba Sayyid and Sarah Meya, Reserve Champion Paced and Mannered

NZ North Island Champion Amateur Handler, Kristie Thomas.

Alexia Thomas and Springdale Be Mine Tonight, High Point Junior R.P Ricochet owned by T C Equestrian, Champion Ridden Arabian Derivative


KS Honey Boo Boo owned by T C Equestrian,Champion Ridden Derivative under 148 cm and Champion derivative paced and mannered. Springdale Be Mine Tonight and Kristie Thomas, Champion Led Derivative.


Marquis JA owned by Vicky Comrie Moor, Champion Purebred Junior Gelding.


Lord Gallagher owned by Melanie Barton, Reserve Champion Junior Derivative Gelding. Ngodevwa Tussock and Mathew Adams, Champion Led Champion Purebred most suitable for Endurance.


RNZ Steinmaster and Adele Maraki, Supreme Champion Ridden Purebred Arabian.


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