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Bringing the Magic – The Arabian National Breeder Finals

In a year when shows around the world have been cancelled, it is something of a relief to many that the Arabian National Breeder Finals will be going ahead in Scottsdale, Arizona, later this month.

First held in 2011, this show celebrates Arabian horse breeders across the United States, and it has been both a huge success and a huge draw since its inception. This year’s event will be held 16-19 September at the iconic WestWorld Arena in Scottsdale.

Some of the highlights of the show including the weanling classes, which will draw for a top stallion’s breeding in addition to prize money. The committee has been working hard to raise money for the yearling classes and thanks to the Arabian Horse Association of Arizona, Paradise Peak West, and Pegasus Arabians, the pot is already at $41,000 in hopes that more will be raised and given to these young stars. Friday night will showcase the west’s oldest amateur futurity, the Silver Sire, who will offer over $80,000 in six futurity classes.  

The Breeders Club Futurity pays out prize money at the Arabian National Breeder Finals Show as well as the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show in February. Anyone breeding to a Breeders Club nominated stallion can nominate their purebred mare so that the resulting foal can compete for Breeders Club prize money. The classes are held each year, for the yearling and the two-year old progeny of this breeding. These classes are always a highlight of the show, and this year looks like being no exception, with the yearling classes set to pay out over $4,000 in each section. The very successful and well supported Scottsdale Signature Stallion Futurity will offer over $50,000 in seven halter/breeding classes and the Breeders Club Futurity, which was created for this show will offer over $20,000 this year.

Other classes include pleasure classes, including hunter, western, and country English, as well as an array of halter classes – amateur owner to handle, Egyptian and Egyptian-related, and the ever-exciting liberty. The four days of showing culminate in what will be a thrilling evening performance in the Wendell Arena, ending with the hotly-contested Show Champion Filly/Mare and Colt/Stallion Championships.

With the COVID-19 pandemic still restricting international travel, this year’s judges’ line up for the Arabian National Breeder Finals is an all-American affair. The panel consists of Michael Beethe, Donnie Bullock, Ted Carson, Brian Ferguson, and Joe Polo. Janice McCrea-Wright is assessing the performance classes. 


To find out more about the Arabian National Breeder Finals, visit Arabian Horse Association of Arizona website.


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Bringing the Magic – The Arabian National Breeder Finals

In a year when shows around the world have been cancelled, it is something of a relief to many that the Arabian National Breeder...

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