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Blondes Have More Fun

Laura Killian’s Palomino wins Omega Alpha Healthy Horse Award at White Fences Summer Fun II

Grand Prix Dressage rider and FEI trainer Laura Ashley Killian and her golden Palomino mare MS Spanish Legacy glistened at the White Fences Summer Fun II, held 8-9 July in Loxahatchee, Florida. Killian and Legacy, who call Loxahatchee home, delivered a superior performance against strong competition to place second in the FEI Musical Freestyle. In addition to impressing the judges, Legacy also was awarded the Omega Alpha Healthy Horse Award in recognition of her outstanding appearance and excellent health. Laura commented on her bond with Legacy saying: “She is my best friend. We have been through quite a lot together and she has helped me to learn a lot as a rider, a trainer, and has been a great project along the way. Plus, it does not hurt that she is a pretty blonde with long beautiful hair. Her golden hair glows in the summertime.”

Through the award, Omega Alpha is proud to share their company philosophy that exceptional equine health is critical to success in the show ring. Horses recognised with the award are examples of outstanding health and fitness, exhibiting superior muscle tone, shiny coats, and willing attitudes. Each winning horse is rewarded with a commemorative neck sash and a tote bag full of Omega Alpha supplements.

Laura, who expressed her gratitude to the Canadian equine health company for recognising Legacy’s fitness and attitude, was equally pleased with her experience at White Fences Equestrian Center. “Thank you so much to the sponsors for this wonderful prize!” she remarked. “White Fences is a nice, tranquil facility and great for our summer qualifiers as well as a low-key place for our amateurs to enjoy during the season. I’m familiar with Omega Alpha Healthy Horse products and excited to see how Legacy does on them.”

The competitor went on to share how she keeps her mare sound, happy, and comfortable in her job, observing: “Healthy and happy go hand in hand, so Legacy gets plenty of time to just be a horse. I know every little detail about her, inside and out. I cater to her special requests, wants, and favourites like green peppermints after great rides! She gets nightly turnout with her friends and has a ‘mini’ boyfriend named Teddy who hangs out in front of her stall all day. She goes to the beach, swims in the pond, and trail rides on the weekends.”

Laura, who acquired Legacy as a filly, is head trainer and instructor at Laura Ashley Dressage, a growing business located in the heart of South Florida’s horse show community. She has provided her beloved palomino– an Arabian/Andalusian cross– with training in multiple disciplines, from competing in Arabian halter and showmanship to sport horse in-hand classes. Now, under Laura’s careful and precise dressage tutelage, the 10-year-old mare is steadily progressing towards competing in the Grand Prix and displaying her enthusiasm in competition down the centreline. Laura plans to compete Legacy at the USDF Regional Championships this fall, and is also hoping to attend the U.S. Dressage Finals and the Sport Horse Nationals for Arabians

Omega Alpha was happy to congratulate Laura, who is eager to incorporate Legacy’s prize bag of Omega Alpha supplements into her daily feeding program. The duo’s goodie bag included the customer favourite Biotic 8, an eight-strain probiotic with three digestive enzymes and a carrier system to help promote a healthy digestive tract and gut flora; Healthy Horse, which supports the red blood cells, immune system, lungs, and liver; and other all-natural products.

Developed solely from natural formulas, Omega Alpha products are made with the finest ingredients available, resulting in equine supplements that provide real results. Committed to producing products that help horses reach peak health and perform to the best of their abilities, Omega Alpha will continue to celebrate outstanding horses at upcoming shows. The White Fences Equestrian Center invites riders and spectators alike to visit again in September for another Region 3 USDF Championship’s qualifier. To learn more about how Omega Alpha can impact a horse’s health, happiness, and readiness for competition, please visit


Photo: MS Spanish Legacy ridden by Laura Ashley Killian wins the Omega Alpha Healthy Horse Award at White Fences Summer Fun II. 


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