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BEVA Thanks Vets and Vet Nurses During Volunteers’ Week

BEVA Thanks Vets and Vet Nurses During Volunteers’ Week

The British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) has issued a heartfelt thank you to Veterinary and Veterinary Nurse members who have volunteered their time and expertise over the past 12 months, in support of the BEVA Trust’s new focus. BEVA also wishes to thank its Council members and BEVA Congress speakers, all of whom are volunteers.

Volunteers’ Week is an annual celebration of the fantastic contribution millions of volunteers make across the UK. It takes place from 1st-7th June every year.

The BEVA Trust is the Association’s philanthropic arm and in 2015 members decided that it should provide support for voluntary projects to help improve knowledge and welfare. Since then volunteers have been rolling up their sleeves to help out with castration and welfare clinics in the UK and veterinary training schemes around the world.

Over the past 12 months a total of 42 vets and vet nurses have volunteered their time at seven BHS Education and Welfare Clinics throughout the UK. They have helped microchip, passport, vaccinate and castrate horses recognised by Welfare Officers as needing help. So far 598 horses and ponies have received passports and 302 been castrated. The Trust has seen a further ten volunteers travel across the globe, working on projects in Cambodia, the Gambia, Honduras, Kiev, Nicaragua and the Ukraine.

BEVA President Vicki Nicholls said: “ We thank all of the volunteers that make our Trust such a success, with special mention to Luke Edwards from the University of Liverpool and Alice Horne from Ddole Road Veterinary Clinic who have both volunteered at four clinics. We must also remember the good work of our industrious BEVA Council members and our excellent speakers at Congress this September, who are all volunteers.” For further information on BEVA Trust volunteer projects email to be added to the BEVA Trust mailing list. Several BEVA Council members will have completed their terms this year so nominations for new council members are welcomed. Information on how to apply for BEVA Council can be found at Nominations for BEVA Council and BEVA Junior Vice President are now open and close on 1st August 2017.


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