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Home Archive A new website for everyone interested in the Crabbet Arabian!

A new website for everyone interested in the Crabbet Arabian!

A new website for everyone interested in the Crabbet Arabian!

A new website for everyone interested in the Crabbet Arabian!

The recently launched is a new site designed to be a valuable resource for everyone interested in Crabbet, Old English and related Arabians.

‘Crabbet’ is a name that conjures up images for many, yet is but a mysterious name to others. For the former, we aim to provide a space where the great horses of Crabbet Park can be brought to life, where detailed articles can provoke thought and discussion and long lost images can keep passion alive. For the uninitiated, we provide layers of learning, dispelling myths and creating inspiration for the future.

You will find images, historical timelines, learned articles and conversational pieces about this amazing gene pool of horses that Lady Anne and Wilfrid Blunt brought to Britain over 135 years ago and whose bloodlines exist in many Arabian horses of today, all around the globe.

We aim to bring together information, knowledge, expertise, enthusiasts and breeders from across the world and provide support to breeders and owners of Crabbet Arabians while actively encouraging everyone interested in horses to learn about the Crabbet Heritage and what makes these beautiful animals so special.

This is a huge task and we are very lucky to have an increasing number of experts and enthusiasts from all over the world who contribute to Crabbet Heritage for the good of the Crabbet horse. We are always interested in the latest news and events and stories of what people are doing with their Crabbets today, both in competition or simply for fun, so please do get in touch with us with your story at


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