Path to Glory – The Rise & Rise of the Polish Arabian Horse DVD

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This is the epic tale of how a beleagured nation rose up to become the pinnacle of Arabian breeding.

This breathtaking film explores the unlikely triumphant saga of the illustrious horses that are a Polish national trearure.

For several hundred years, Poland has been the source of greatness in the world of the Arabian horse, but nowhere on earth has the Arabians’ survival been more severely challenged. Through the horror of World Wars and years of political oppression, Poland has tirelessly worked to produce the finest Arabian horses in the world.

Created by Horsefly Films, who were allowed unique access to the legendary State Studs of Poland and archives worldwide, this beautiful film is surprising, emotionally powerful and includes countless never-before-seen photographs, rare footage and interviews with many key figures.

Film includes bonus feature DVD with extra interviews and footage.

This set is available in the UK only.



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