A Gift from The Desert: The Arabian Horse

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A Gift from The Desert: The Arabian Horse

“This is a fascinating film views are sure to enjoy again and again! It tells the remarkable story of the Arabian horse from its ancient desert beginnings to its place in the world today. The most beautiful equine athlete captiates with its grace and stamina,” Arabian Horse Association.

Filmed on location in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Great Britain, Kentucky, and California with the Saudi Equestrian Riders, the Oman Royal Cavalry, National Jumping Champions, National Dressage Champions, National Western Championsm, and National Working Cowhorse Champions.

A soaring panorama of the horse that began in Arabia and went on to create Empires and champions today in every catagory.

“This is a truly exciting history from the early to the modern evolution of the Arabian horse. Learn about the breed that has made more of an impact on modern breeds than any other,” Arabian Horse Association.

Written and directed by award-winning filmmaker Jo Franklin, named one of the Top 100 Film Producers in the US by Millimeter Magazine. Ms Franklin is a rider and breeder of Arabian horses. She is on the Board of the International Museum of the Horse at the Kentucky Horse Park and is a member of the Arabian Horse Association, The Pyramid Society and the World Arabian Horse Organisation.

Running time: 60 minutes.


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