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Authentic Arabian Bloodstock II BY JUDITH FORBIS

We are delighted to offer this rare item for sale in partnership with The Arabian Emporium.

The companion book to Authentic Arabian Bloodstock I, this second volume, known as ‘the gold book, chronicles the vision of turning Judith Forbis’ childhood dream into the reality through the developement of one of the world’s most prestigious breeding farms, Ansata Egyptian Stud. The book discusses a most unique perspective on the art of breeding Arabian horses and proves the point throughout the 624 pages with over 1000 historic illustrations of past and present Egyptian Arabian horses worldwide, many of whom play or played an important part in this historical breed. Chapters include: Believing in the Magic of Your Dreams; Conceptualizing the Dream; Dreams of the Past, Realities of the Future; Realizing the Dream; Perfecting the Dream; and Sharing the Dream, with each chapter bringing to light nuances in the art of breeding.

We have only one copy of this much sought-after item. Hardback. 624pp. 2003 printing.


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  • Height: 35 cm

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