Association du Cheval Arabe Bedouin – Bloodlines Catalogue I (2010

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A beautiful A4 paperback publication produced for the Association du Cheval Arabe Bedouin (A.C.A.B.) by The Arabian Magazine. Articles include: What is Preservation? by Ralph Suarez; A Brief History by Clothilde Nollet; What is Preservation Breeding? by Mari Silveus; Preservation Labels and Associations; Population Genetics and the Future of the Arabian Horse; Global Gene; and Stories about the Bedu of Syria. The horses are listed as mares and stallions under the different strains – Kuhaylan, Saqlawi, Dahman, Habdan, Obeyan and Shuwaiman (stallions only).

This 140pp publication is a must-have for any admirer of the Arabian horse and it offers a comprehensive guide to the Arabian strains that we all know so well.


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