Arabian Studs & Stallions Annual 40th Anniversary Edition 2014

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Arabian Studs & Stallions Annual 40th Anniversary Edition 2014

Published by Vink Publishing Australia 

This beautifullly produced Arabian Studs & Stallions annual sees its 40th anniversary this year and to mark the occassion, the magazine has been printed in hardback. Full of interesting features and glossy photographs, Arabian Studs & Stallions is the must-have item for any Arabian enthusiast, and it offers a fascinating glimpse into the horses of Australasia. 

The contents for this edition are:

– The Legend of the Arabian
– Ivory, Gold & Bronze – KA Damascus
– The Arabian through the eyes of Suzanne Sturgill
– An interview with Cameron Bonney
– Shatana Arabians
– Valinor Park
– Extravagance VO, pure Polish colt
– Georgian Arabians
– What makes an Arabian a legend?
– What makes a stallion legendary?
– Simeon Shifran
– The Egyptian Arabian horse and its mysteries
– A balanced approach
– How to make the Arbaian horse industry revelane in the ‘new normal’
– Arabian racing – from start to finish
– Arabian racing – an overview
– Breeding Arabian racehorses
– Identifying and training Arabian racehorses
– A new and exciting direction for Swiftwood Arabians
– Gotcha from the past
– Arinya Park
– Promoting our Arabians
– West Coast Acharon + S
– Workmates and friends – special memories of Hume Creek Arabians
– The life, legend and legacy of Magnum Forty Four
– Stallion directory
– Breeding and management journal
– Tricks, tools and techniques for breeding Arabians
– Is your stallion ready for the breeding season?
– When it all goes wrong
– Placentitis – a devastating threat to your unborn foal
– Exercise for young horses – is it a good idea?
– Hendra Virus – should your hroses be vaccinated? 

This hardback book is 224pp plus covers.


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