Saturday, 24 October 2020
The Arabian Magazine

Hay shortage? Don’t panic says SPILLERS®nutritionist

With a swelteringly hot, dry summer following hard on the heels of a cold, wet winter the parched grass has struggled to grow well in many parts of the country. Hay supplies have been...

The Girl with the Jumping Arabs – The Light in the Dark

Despite the frustrating start to the new year, The Girl with the Jumping Arabs finds a new perspective on the situation and looks forward to a full recovery before the competition season fully begins. The...
Suffolk Punch mare with filly foal

New hope for rare breeds as a healthy filly foal is born from sexed...

A rare Suffolk Punch horse has given birth to a filly foal following an innovative approach using sex sorted sperm to determine the gender. It’s the first time in the world that this technique...

VMD relaxes restrictions on flunixin in response to vet pressure

BEVA has welcomed the news that the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) has relaxed its recently imposed restrictions on the sale of the essential equine pain killer, flunixin by allowing the release of stock from manufacturers. This action will, in t

Equine Vets believe pharmaceutical specials are essential for equine welfare

Photograph: The Moral Maze team. Credit David Boughey Photographic How pharmaceutical specials are prescribed under the cascade is a current hot potato but equine vets believe their use is essential to equine welfare and the...

WAHO 2019 Conference, Australia – The Guest Speakers

The WAHO 2019 Conference is fast approaching and will take place in the beautiful country of Australia. We have already shared news of the conference  itself, an event that many are greatly looking forward to, and...
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