Saturday, 24 October 2020
The Arabian Magazine

The Stallions of Gemini Acres Equine: Breeding the Next Generation

Nestled off the main road between Scottsdale and the picturesque Cave Creek, Arizona, Gemini Acres Equine is a world-renowned breeding farm whose horses have truly put them on the global map.

The Hispano-Arabe

Words by Anabel Jay Photography by Catherine SpearingThe regeneration of rare a breedResearch source: Los Hispano-Arabes en la Yequada Militar by Commander Juan Manuel LopezThe Hispano-Arabe (Ha') has its origins from two pure breeds,...

Pianissima: Poland’s Pinnacle of Perfection

There are moments in time that define and inspire us, that move and alter us, that leave our world forever changed.

LIVE! The 2017 WAHO Conference – Bahrain

February 2017 sees the running of the WAHO Conference in Bahrain. Check back daily to The Arabian Magazine for live news and reporting from this prestigious event that sees people arrive from around the...

The UK International Arabian Horse Show

The UK International Arabian Horse Championships is the UK’s only A title show and is the most popular show on the circuit. With its friendly, end of season feel, the UK International is held annually over the August bank holiday weekend, and is popular w

Morgans and Morabs: Perhaps the horse world’s best kept secrets?

I came to horses relatively late in life, only buying my first one when I was aged 40, after surviving a life-threatening illness, the two years following were spent confined to a wheelchair which made me realise that I should not put off achieving a chil
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