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Simplified Definition for Straight Egyptian Arabians Adopted by The Pyramid Society

Simplified Definition for Straight Egyptian Arabians Adopted by The Pyramid Society

In 1969, the founding members of The Pyramid Society, recognizing the unique qualities and genetic prepotency of a specific group of Arabian horses in Egypt, meticulously studied stud books, herd books and trustworthy documents to acquire the information necessary to write a clear and precise definition of a Straight Egyptian Arabian horse.  “For almost fifty years,” states Society Founder Judith Forbis, “this definition has served to identify all Straight Egyptian Arabians worldwide.” 

In 2016, to eliminate any possible question or confusion over which horses qualify as “Straight Egyptian”, the Society published The Pyramid Society Studbook for Straight Egyptian Horses Worldwide under the generous patronage of Sheikh Khaled Bagedo of Al Khaled Farm.  The Studbook lists the male and female root stock, along with every horse that is among the foundation stock of the Straight Egyptian Arabian up to the date of the founding of the Society in 1969.  From that date forward, no additional root or foundation ancestors have been added to the gene pool of the Straight Egyptian Arabian.  “This historic studbook,” states Omar Sakr, Chairman of the Studbook publication and Society Board member, “thus becomes the definitive reference for this ‘breed within a breed’”.   

Perhaps most importantly, the publishing of The Pyramid Society Studbook for Straight Egyptian Horses Worldwide enabled a simplification of the definition of the Straight Egyptian established by the Society’s founding members.  The new definition, approved unanimously by the Trustees and Board of Directors of the Society, is as follows:

A Straight Egyptian Arabian horse is a horse that is registered or eligible for registration by a registry approved by the World Arabian Horse Organization (WAHO) and traces in every line of its pedigree to horses listed in The Pyramid Society Studbook for Straight Egyptian Arabian Horses Worldwide, ©2016, The Pyramid Society, Lexington, Kentucky, USA.

In addition to this newly simplified definition, the Studbook also allows for Certification of horses as Straight Egyptian by The Pyramid Society.  “It is important to understand that this new definition does not change, in any way, the horses that are deemed Straight Egyptian by the Society,” states Society President Rebecca Rogers, “but rather that the publishing of our Studbook facilitates this shorter and simpler version of our historic definition.”  


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