Sunday, 29 March 2020
The Arabian Magazine

The Arabian Breeders' Magazine

The Arabian Breeders’ Magazine is a four-times a year printed, glossy, coffee-table top publication; with a focus very much on those features that so many of you have enjoyed over the years – the breeders, the horses, the history, and the education. In depth interviews, pedigrees and beautiful photographs are shared through the pages of The Arabian Breeders’ Magazine. It is a celebration of all that is great about the Arabian horse – the many features are sourced from a great team of writers from around the world, as well as your favourite regular contributors. The magazine is published on a subscription only basis which can be purchased from our Shop – see the ‘Sign Up’ link below – or by calling us on +44(0)1508 536099 during normal UK office hours.

The Star of the Future: Luigi

Words by Samantha Mattocks                                               Photography by Renato Sorvilo   The incredibly showy two-year-old deep bay colt Luigi graces the cover of our second edition of The Arabian Breeders’ Magazine. Bred by Danielle Saelens in Belgium, this...

The Arabian Breeders’ Magazine Cover Horse – AJ Mardan

Words by Samantha Mattocks                       Photography unless stated by Elisa Grassi   The first cover horse of The Arabian Breeders’ Magazine had to be very special indeed and so when the Ajman Stud asked me which horse...
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