Monday, 13 July 2020
The Arabian Magazine

Retrained Racehorse Day: The third edition at Deauville a huge success

Zuzanna Lupa Photography Au-Dela des Pistes’ Retrained Racehorse Day, held for the third consecutive year at Deauville-La Touques Racecourse on Saturday, August 25, delighted a large crowd that had come to see the various demonstrations...

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The Girl with the Jumping Arabs – Back on the Horse

Despite living in lockdown, Katherine Bertram of Avonbrook Stud takes her first steps back to normality after her injury and subsequent surgery. My first sit back on Marcus (c) Rowena Bertram After 16 weeks of watching...

Performance Arabians at Cricklands

Held annually at the David Broome Event Centre, the Senior Winter League Finals attract hundreds of the country’s most competitive unaffiliated showjumpers for a three-day weekend of jumping and fun. Cricklands, as the unaffiliated side of the Welsh Show

The Girl with the Jumping Arabs – Far from Over

September saw a change of pace for Katherine Bertram and the horses of Avonbrook Stud, although the competition season proved far from over. Near the beginning of last month, we started our preparations for my...

The Girl with the Jumping Arabs – So Close, Yet So Far

With all the horses going brilliantly and an exciting season coming up fast, the last thing I needed was a broken collarbone to stop me from riding or writing. Things being how they are,...
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