Tuesday, 25 February 2020
The Arabian Magazine

The Arabian Breeders’ Magazine Volume IV Issue I

It is time to start work on the next beautiful edition of the coffee-table book The Arabian Breeders' Magazine. Celebrating Arabian horses from the world over, this is your chance to have your horse...

New study confirms value of Ridden-Horse-Ethogram to identify musculoskeletal pain

Horses, as flight animals, instinctively remain silent in the face of pain, but a new study, recently published in Equine Veterinary Education, shows that they do in fact have a ‘voice’ if observers are...

British Breeding Baileys Horse Feeds Futurity Evaluations 2019

BRITISH BREEDING ANNOUNCES 2019 FUTURITY PLANS British Breeding is delighted to announce the dates and plans for its 2019 British Breeding Baileys Horse Feeds Futurity evaluations.   This highly regarded series for foals and young stock...

Take action early for effective fly control for horses advises Zoetis

London, UK – Apr 15, 2019 – Zoetis Inc. today announced that horse owners should consider taking action early to keep flies under control. “Flies are one of the down sides of warmer weather but if...

EVJ reports on the latest in saddle research

The equine saddle is the linchpin for horse and rider interaction and has a significant bearing on performance and welfare. As awareness and knowledge of this important three-element relationship continues to develop, the Equine...

Leading education journal publishes results of horse and rider weight ratio study

The results of a pilot study on the effects of rider weight on equine performance have been published in the world’s leading journal of equine veterinary education, Equine Veterinary Education (EVE) https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/eve.13085 The study The influence...
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