Saturday, 25 January 2020
The Arabian Magazine

Arabians Ltd: Signature Sponsor of the 2018 Egyptian Event

The Pyramid Society would like to extend a special thank you to Judy Sirbasku of Arabians Ltd., Egyptian Event Signature Sponsor for the fourth consecutive year, for her unfailing dedication to The Pyramid Society,...

SPILLERS® showcases research on caring for senior horses

SPILLERS® presented its world-leading collaborative research on the care of senior horses at the Australasian Equine Science Society’s Science Symposium earlier this month. Professor Pat Harris, head of the WALTHAM® Equine Studies Group, which...

Itchy horse?

Itchiness is often due to allergy or at least sensitivity and the diet is the main culprit, but not always the only one. Other causes include insects and midges, which may be particularly...

Travelling Tips by Simple System Horse Feeds

Travelling can be a stressful activity for horses, both mentally and physically. Horses use up as much energy travelling as they do walking. We have compiled our top tips to make sure your...

Celebrating the Legacy and Making History!

The Pyramid Society is nearly 50 years old, and what better time to “Celebrate the Legacy” of their remaining Founder, Judith Forbis, and the 60th anniversary of Ansata Arabian Stud? From a wonderful breakfast...

Animal Health Trust Vet champions ridden horse welfare with new video series

One of the UK’s most eminent equine orthopaedic specialists, Dr Sue Dyson, is playing a leading role in a series of new educational videos aimed at helping riders, owners, trainers and vets to recognise...
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