Wednesday, 23 September 2020
The Arabian Magazine

BEVA publishes horse health guidance videos to help owners during COVID-19 lockdown

The British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) has produced a series of healthcare guidance videos for horse owners during the COVID-19 lockdown. Aimed at helping horse owners to obtain the key information they may need...

Sports Psychology: COVID-19

“We are physically isolating, not socially isolating!” The outbreak of COVID-19 is extremely challenging and may have a serious impact on your mental health. The first reason that this is a hard time for many...

New research shows strip grazing can help restrict weight gain

These challenging times are affecting every aspect of our lives, including, for many of us, how we manage our horses. If you are turning your horse out daily or 24/7, check out the latest...

Blue Cross issues advice for horse owners during the coronavirus outbreak

The UK national pet charity, Blue Cross, has issued advice for horse owners during the coronavirus outbreak. There is no current evidence that horses can be infected with the new virus or be carriers of...


How, when and why to worm your horse is one of the questions we are most frequently asked – this is unsurprising due to a shift in attitudes in recent years. This changing strategy...

Global reach for National Equine Forum

The 28th National Equine Forum, held in London earlier this month, sparked animated interaction from around the globe. As well as attracting delegates from many of the UK’s leading equestrian organisations on the day,...
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