Tuesday, 31 March 2020
The Arabian Magazine


With COVID-19 currently sweeping across the world, a number of Arabian horses events have been cancelled and are being cancelled on a daily basis. We will endeavour to list all here for you -...

The Girl with the Jumping Arabs – The Long Road Back

February was a short month, as well as a thoroughly non-horsey one! I did, however, undergo surgery for my broken collarbone and make good progress with my final year dissertation at university. Meanwhile, the...

Om El Shawan

Om El Arab have a knack of breeding amazing horses and our cover horse for March is their upcoming star, Om El Shawan. This three-year old colt is bred by Om El Arab and...

The Romance of Redwood Lodge Arabians

As the sunshine filters through the morning mist, the gentle whinny of an Arabian horse can be heard. The peacock calls from its vantage point in the trees as dawn breaks over Redwood Lodge...

WAHO LIVE! WAHO 2019 Australia

WAHO LIVE! WAHO 2019 Australia Welcome to WAHO LIVE! The full day by day report from Australia as the 2019 WAHO Conference takes place. SUNDAY 17 FEBRUARY: HAMPTON DOWNS, NEW ZEALAND Kia Ora from New Zealand! My...
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