Thursday, 20 February 2020
The Arabian Magazine

The Finke Report:Comparative Judgement, or: To change or not to change

Browsing through the Arab Horse Society’s latest news items not long ago, I stumbled across something that literally made me sit up and stare at the page in complete shock.It was a paragraph, hidden...

Outstanding programme announced for 25th National Equine Forum

The National Equine Forum (NEF) will be celebrating its 25th event on Thursday 2nd March at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, London, and has lined up an outstanding programme to celebrate. Government officials, vets and equestrian industry leader

Memories of Poland

Poland is a place like no other. As I alluded to in my latest blog, the grounds of Janów Podlaski, Michalów and Białka are very special indeed. To be there, to drive through those iconic...

Arab Falconry: History of a Way of Life

Words by Roger UptonPublished in 2010, Arab Falconry: History of a Way of Life is by esteemed writer Roger Upton, better known in Arabian horse circles for handling the much-admired stallion Hanif (Silver Vanity...

Horse of the Year Show 2017

Photography unless stated by 1st Class ImagesLead Photograph: Mirv (Psadisho Ibn Esstashan x Mirvana 11) Despite being relegated to the opening afternoon of the Horse of the Years Show (HOYS), the stands were packed for the Simon...

The Paris World Championships 2016 – LIVE!

Following the success of our European Championships live commentary, we are running this feature again on The Arabian Magazine. Perfect for those at work who can't watch the live feed itself, as well as those...
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