Wednesday, 5 August 2020
The Arabian Magazine

Teenagers Triumph in Performance Horse Awards

The Arab Horse Society’s Performance Horse Awards scores are in for 2014. Teenagers Katherine and Becky Bertram won the Overall Championship and the coveted Westpoint Trophy with their mother Rowena’s pure-bred Arabian Marcus Aurelius...

Arab Falconry: History of a Way of Life

Words by Roger UptonPublished in 2010, Arab Falconry: History of a Way of Life is by esteemed writer Roger Upton, better known in Arabian horse circles for handling the much-admired stallion Hanif (Silver Vanity...

Exploring South Africa for a worthy cause

In August 2014, I was asked by my aunt-in-law Sophie Williams-Thomas to join her in a 250-300km charity horse ride across the rural Waterberg district in South Africa in order to help raise funds for the...

Book review: Seven Bands of Gold – Sensual Love

Mid-October saw the publication of the second in Jenny Lees’ Seven Bands of Gold series, Sensual Love. Once more set against the dramatic backdrop of the Middle East, this fictional novel makes great reading...

The Hispano-Arabe

Words by Anabel Jay Photography by Catherine SpearingThe regeneration of rare a breedResearch source: Los Hispano-Arabes en la Yequada Militar by Commander Juan Manuel LopezThe Hispano-Arabe (Ha') has its origins from two pure breeds,...

Top Tips for Aspiring Trainers by Johanna Ullström

Top Tips for Aspiring Trainers by Johanna Ullström Johanna kindly gives some of her precious time to write for Merlin’s Kitty Klub. One of the most successful trainers in Europe, as well as the top female trainer, Johanna has been showing Arabian horses since the 1990s. Her ArcticTern Training Center in Belgium has seen some [...]
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