Monday, 25 May 2020
The Arabian Magazine

Seacliff Endurance Event

Photography by Kris Clay of www.topgearphotos.comLead Photograph: Lisa Falk and Gitana (from Germany)  The Seacliff endurance event, run by Scottish Endurance Riding Club (SERC), boasts a range of classes from pleasure distances, right up to a...

Simeon Stud – Celebrating Sixty Years of Breeding

Photography unless stated by Stuart Vesty www.vesty.comLead Picture: Marion with Moussameh, El Dahma II and Mussallah March saw the world-famed Simeon Stud celebrate 60 years of breeding. It was back in 1956 that Ruth and Peter...

Equitopia Launches First in New Series: ‘Recognizing Subtle Lameness’

Equitopia Launches First in New Series: ‘Recognizing Subtle Lameness’Improve Your Eye for the Pain Your Horse Tries to Hide “Blaming the horse for the problem is a common scenario,” says world-renowned equine orthopaedics expert, Dr....

POLAND: Auction in doubt, Halsdon mare deaths & board resignations

Since our March edition, when we announced that Marek Trela, Director of Janów Podlaski State Stud, Jerzy Białobok, Director of Michalów State Stud, and Anna Stojanowska, Chief Arabian Horse Specialist from the Agricultural Property Agency, were fired fro

Rotherwood Rainmaker

Words by Elizabeth Mansfield Parnell             Photography by E S Photography India Till riding Rupert. Champion Pt-Bred H.O.Y.S. 2016.Rotherwood Rainmaker is the stuff  of dreams. The remarkable show pony gelding once...

The 2017 Kuwait International Arabian Horse Festival: All Nations Cup – Straight Egyptians by...

The 2017 Kuwait International Arabian Horse Festival, in its entirety, lasted from February 3–21. It began on February 3–4 with the 6th International Championship, followed by two days of Open House Stud Visits which...
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